“Matilde’s Mission: Pet Homes For Ranch Chinchillas, Inc.” is a 501(c)3 registered charity that was founded in November, 2005 as a result of the success of the 2004 Pet Homes For Ranchies (PHFR) Midwest Project which ran from 10/04-06/05. We are not an animal rights organization, although our leadership includes positive animal rights activists (not extremists, there’s a big differece) who are dedicated to helping ranch and pet chinchillas in need.

The photo at right shows Matilde, MM’s mascot and the chief fundraiser for the 2004 Project.
Affectionately nicknamed “Matty” by her doting chinparents, they teamed with the ChinCare
webmasters to form this charity that carries on the good work of helping chinchillas in her memory;
dear Matty passed away in June, 2006.

Matilde’s Mission is now twofold, helping both ranch (PHFR) and pet (IRRN) chinchillas in need,
but MM was initially formed to expedite the transition in the U.S. from regarding chinchillas as
both pelts and pets to protecting and respecting them as valued pets, only. Details about our work
in conjunction with the present-day ranching situation are covered in FAQ’s. MM believes in setting
aside differences (egos, agendas, negative typecasting) in the pet chinchilla community to pursue a
common good: to help chinchillas in a positive way using only peaceful, legal and educational means.

In July of 2006, MM initiated projects to include benefitting pet chinchillas in need of rescue/ re-homing, as indicated by our accomplishments. In January, 2007, the International Rescue & Re-Homing Network (IRRN) program was launched to include: helping the public with pet chinchilla rescue/ re-homing contact referrals, IRRN Program Grants, educational and informative material (Tools and Resources, Tips) and the annual IRRN Applause Award.

The IRRN program is a continuation and expansion of the work of IPCR (International Placement Coordinators for Chinchilla Rescue and Re-Homing), which ran from 2003 until MM’s IRRN Program assumed responsibilities in 2006. IPCR had networked extensively within the international pet chinchilla rescue/ re-homing community, assisting in scores of cases (in Europe and nearly all 50 U.S. states) that involved everything from routine re-homings to emergency rescue assistance.